[ART] Portrait of Nara

Nara Portrait
Click the image for video

Traditional portraits often involve drawing, painting, sculpture, or writing to illustrate a person. However, this work invites viewers to observe the subject in a musical way.

Nara Shin is a student majoring in music from Brown University. She very much enjoys playing the piano and the organ in the very setting that the video was filmed, Manning Chapel. Since music plays big significance in her identity, it was chosen as the medium to portray Nara.

The first 15 seconds of the video explains each note that was assigned to a part of her body, or an action done by such part. (low C-right leg, D – right eyebrow(lift), E – right middle finger, F – right eyelid(blink), G – left eyelid(blink), A – right thumb, B – hips, high C – left eyebrow(lift)).

Then the song Chopsticks is played, a recorded music played by Nara on the piano, also with her body; if you combine assigned notes of body parts that are being shown at certain point, you will hear the music. It makes her body the instrument itself, thus portraying Nara with music.

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