[ART] Time Machine

Click the image for the video

Time traveling is thought to be impossible to science, but the imagination of such concept has been done over centuries.

9 year old myself also dreamed about it, even imagining certain rules for it to be possible. Some of the rules were…

  1. Physical setting should be the same for my atoms to travel across dimensions.
  2. It would be necessary for my past/present self to replace the other.
  3. It is necessary to know specific date to travel to.
  4. There should be no witness as it would cause controversies.
  5. The individual should be in the same clothes that s/he wore at that time to perfectly replace the self in that time.

Based on such imagination, this video was produced in 2013. Due to reason number 3 and 5, photographies were used as a tool to record the date and outfit of traveling time. By simply having the set in the isolated room and using a polaroid camera as a portal, one travels to the reference point recorded by the photograph.  

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