[WIP] Auto Music Stand

*The drawing was made within 30 seconds, focusing on the speed of illustrating ideas


  • When I played the instrument whether it be piano or flute, it was always a pain to flip the page in the middle of performance, let alone counting 80 majors of rest while counting the beat. It would sometimes fall off the stand, flip two pages as a chunk, or none.
  • It will be simply solved if all scores were digital that automatically flips the page, but considering financial shortage that many orchestras/bands suffer, I was looking for a better solution.


  • Smart stand for orchestra that flips the pages for you
  • A detachable page flipper that could be mounted on the stand.
  • Counts beats with light like a metronome
  • Counts measure with light.
  • When tapped with foot, it flips the page


  • Mounted on the stand, pedal on the ground
  • Sticky pad that wipes one side to the other / a stick that gets in between pages to flip the page (need more research and development)


  • Youth orchestra (for they may not be as keen on counting majors)
  • Accompanists


It was invented in 2010…! Too late :(



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