[WIP] Hologram Matt


  • I often needed entertainment while driving, but it’s illegal to do so (i.e. watching a video).
  • With advent development of auto driving, it seems to be possible, even needed in the future. I saw growing demand in interactive contents that can be enjoyed by every passengers in the car which they can play simultaneously.


  • Hologram Cube that projects 3D contents into the space
  • One can lay simply watch it by 1) mounting on top of the phone / tablet or 2) connecting the device to the matt
  • If so, it would be ideal if it…
    • Does not take much space (foldable)
    • Screen contents in equal quality to all users (360 angle projection if needed)
    • Make a library of Hologram images (application)


  • Via methods of screening Hologram
    • Link
  • Usage
    • Mounting via cable port/on the matt itself
      • Phone
      • Tablet


Hologram Cube could be applied for

  • Doctors for education purposes or for practice to better consult patients
  • Students to be immersed in contents
  • Fans to approach singers or celebrities more closely and realistically

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