[WIP] Making untitled titled

*All drawings were made within 30 seconds, focusing on the speed of illustrating ideas



  • I have seen many frustration over the artwork “Untitled”; viewers were left with unanswered questions, such as what it stands for, how it was made, what it questions, and so on.



  • Artists often expect users to interpret untitled work as the audience wish, having the work ‘open-ended.’ However, those who are curious about those interpretations have rare chance to observe such reaction.



  • Why don’t we have a system that bridges them?
  • The system can help users understand the work and artist observe reactions through others’ comments



  • Place iPad in front of the work so that people can write down their thoughts about the work in words, or click on words that have already been mentioned by others.
  • Size and boldness of the word will vary by its popularity.
  • The most frequent words will be displayed on the panel next to the work, updated by every input, becoming the title of the untitled work.
  • The artist will receive the data(daily, weekly, monthly) after the exhibition, which can even be an inspiration for the next work..

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