[WIP] Smart Lane

*All drawings were made within 30 seconds, focusing on the speed of illustrating ideas


  • The more I drive, the more I get frustrated. I have to fight my spot in the crammed street among many other cars, whose attitudes are often aggressive and unpredictable. People cut it without a signal, accelerate on the yellow light, make u-turns on the lane they should not.
  • I wonder how auto driving cars would fight this over. It would be solved if everything is auto-driven as everything will be “talking to each other“(AutomotiveIT, Mar 2015), co-responding as a system, but I also believe roads need to be developed as much as cars do in order to make it completely automatic.
  • One of the main problems of auto driving lies on recognizing lanes. Accidents often occur “because the car [cannot] properly recognize an unclearly drawn lane” (Bigstory, Nov 2015) or “you need to still check your blind spots” (Wired, Oct 2015). The problem gets worse in the less developed cities or town where lanes are hardly recognizable. So why don’t we develop lanes as much as we develop cars?


  • Why don’t we make lanes and cars react to each other chemically or electronically?
  • By setting up an interactive system between roads and cars, cars would act more firmly along the rules we have set.
  • Types of lanes can be distinguished by different colors, containing varied ratio of materials and thus different guidelines; for example, cars cannot cross yellow lanes or straight white lanes while it is possible for white dashed lanes. (Colors and rules similar to existing ones would cause less troubles for drivers)


  • Make lanes glow at night, especially with rain
    • Compose paint with materials that are reactive to water (when rain touches the lane, it would glow)
    • Or the mixture may absorb sunlight or the heat from the earth
    • Or layer lanes with clear panels and let water seep underneath so that it would glow as water under the glass does. (It glows because water reflects lights that come from different angles, which are magnified by the glass)
  • Make cars or wheels to recognize such chemicals and act along with encoded laws

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