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Having worked at a digital ad agency, 7 international start-ups, and 3 art institutions in the UK, Korea, and the Netherlands, Jane specializes in business development and creative communications for those who combine experimental technologies with the design.

Jane’s passion lies in telling stories of one party to others, conveying their message in a captivating manner on digital & offline media channels and via exhibitions. With a strong belief in the power of curiosity, Jane lets one voice to be heard with attention to bring synergies, connecting interests across industries. This has led her to work not only in the PR for creative companies or individuals who often need a translation of their convoluted thoughts but also in the business development to transfer such idea into the reality.

I am currently based in Seoul, Korea, working on 3 projects with different entities: building an online platform for prominent art dealers around the globe, running the artist residency/gallery Punto Blu to introduce them in the international art scene, and educating students in the arts, philosophy, and history.

If you are an artist interested in finding an international audience, a creative company in need of strategic advice or stronger communication channels, please contact me at jane.lee.0914[at]

For more detailed resume please visit my LinkedIn page.



Tells the story of creative individuals/companies in text and exhibitions

Consults international business development/communication strategies

Speaks 2.5 languages (English(1), Korean(1), Chinese(.5))

Hops around the world

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