[Project] PRO/RATA ART



The value of the artwork is realized when it is exhibited to the audience. The presentation is a primary method of value manifestation of the arts, which is to provide inspiration and immersive experience through its presence. PRO/RATA ART envisions an ecosystem where this value can be fully achieved.
By aggregating all possible artworks in the ecosystem of PRO/RATA, we aim to motivate more active participation from the public and investors in the art world.




Jane’s role at Studio Roosegaarde was the following:

[1] Business Development

Jane joined as the first member of the company to devise the business plan of PRO/RATA ART. Starting from writing the white paper, Jane helped construct the grounds of the company.


[2] Public Relations

a. Press

Jane was in charge of drafting press releases to be published on major Korean media (as the business was limited to the domestic market) such as SBS, Herald Economy, Korea Economy, Donga Ilbo, Money Today, Platum, Segye Ilbo to name a few. She also arranged major press meetings with leading media platforms such as Vogue(promotional video), GQ, W, Avenuel, and many more. Photographies and videos used for releases were arranged by Jane as well.


b. Website

Jane led the construction of PRO/RATA ART’s website by working with software engineers and designers.

c. Social Network Service

FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Naver Post channels of PRO/RATA ART was managed by Jane, which gained more than 1,500 followers.

[3] Exhibitions

With her specialty in curation, Jane was in charge of designing exhibitions and programs run at PRO/RATA Viewing Room. She drafted the docent programs and descriptions of the business and the artwork which was printed on the brochure.


[4] Sponsorship

Jane acquired sponsorships from The Glenlivet, Bang & Olufson, Perrier, and Drappier for the VIP opening event.


Press: Please note 1-a Press section above

Photo credit: PRO/RATA ART

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