[Project] PUNTO BLU

“When you travel across the universe, you look down the earth and call it Point Blue.”

Punto Blu is a residency for an artist in Korea to be promoted overseas. Symbolizing the earth as read “point blue” in English, Punto Blu helps the artist expand their audience globally by running exchange programs with international galleries and collaborations with institutions with the mind alike. We also invite the general public to our cafe/bar space so that they can exchange candid dialogues and ideas of their own, stimulated by the artists’ works in the exhibition.


“A collective of friends who have known each other for more than 20 years.”

An architect, an investor, a photographer, and a gallerist: they became friends at age 6, not knowing the disparate paths they would cultivate. Each lived and was educated in various countries like Switzerland, Italy, the US, the Netherlands, the UK, and France, and all of them gathered back in Seoul for one mission: to build a sustainable business model in the arts.


“No more walls – get immersed into the world of the artist to be enlightened”

Punto Blu exhibits artworks throughout its space, not limiting its presence to the gallery area. We invite the audience to experience the artist’s world to stimulate dynamic and genuine conversations. We continue the dialogue to the international realm by introducing it in the galleries in Tokyo, Amsterdam, LA, and many more.


Day & Night
Seoul is known as one of the most bustling cities in the world. Millions of people come and go to create, to consume, to merge, and to exchange.

Punto Blu is located in Seongsu-dong, the Brooklyn-like town of Seoul, with old factories that used to fume out to build automobiles and construction materials, perfected with craftsmanship mastered for decades.

Cornered in one of the biggest intersections right between Seongsu and Kunkuk Univ. Station, Punto Blu invites you to wind down with the scent of coffee, comforting cushions, selections of whisky, and artworks that will lead you to open up your mind and conversations with others.


Jane’s roles at Punto Blu are the following:

[1] Planning & Execution

Jane was involved from the very beginning of Punto Blu. Together with Kunwoo Kang, Jane decided on the role of this space, allocated the space by sections, recruited architects, interior designers, and designers to build the space, and paved the path this place would walk upon.

[2] Curation

Jane is in charge of running art-related programs at Punto Blu. She proactively reaches out to artists to join the residency program and plans exhibitions that would comprehensively present the world of the artist. Her art programs also act as an agent to freshen up the impression of Punto Blu so that it can keep drawing interest from compatible brands, artists, experts, and the public. 

Examples of exhibitions Jane curated:  Y∞n1verse, Yunzo Paek, Candice Joo, Jonghyeon Bak, Losh, As We Speak, Maria Chang, Minho Kim, Claire Chey, Debyan, RISD Alumni Association in Korea, Gyuchul Moon, MODU Labs, Life Formula, Jinbo SuperFreak, Young Min Kang, Jinyeob Cha, Hannaz, Psients, Hyunseo Cho, 1S1T, The Way We Remember Time, Yujin Ju, A.Train for Naver OnStage, Sarah Lee, NUMOMO (CAWA), Jang Jane, Netflix Kingdom, Siwon Cho, Dance in Dream

[3] Public Relations

Punto Blu’s Instagram channel is managed by Jane to sincerely and actively communicate with people around the world. Jane designed and managed Punto Blu’s website, and promoted its events and space to major media like Cool Hunting and Departures.

[4] Event Planning

As a hub for creative minds, Punto Blu holds events frequently that celebrate originality and inspiration from diversity. Jane is often involved in the planning stage, sourcing partnerships and sponsorships.

Examples of Punto Blu events: Chanel, Absolute Mini, Kontrast, MixMag, and many more

Press: Cool Hunting, Chosun Ilbo, Zumo, Hypebeast, SBS, YCK, National Geographic Traveler, Korea Herald, News1, Newsis, MK, Coindesk, Dutch Culture Korea

Photo credit: Chulmagraph, Kyu Hyun Song

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