[Exhibition] As We Speak

This exhibition focused on the visual dialogue between the Netherlands and Korea by exploring the different communication methods of the two countries. Inspired by the personal experience of the curator, Jane Lee, it aimed to compare efficiency-led thought process of the Netherlands and relation-focused communications in Korea. Participating Korean artists included James Chae, Chris Roh, Ipuroni, Youngha Park, Chaerin Park, and from the Netherlands, Jan Rothuizen, Daan Botlek, Rick Berkelmans, Sue Doeksen, and Studio 165. The artists ranged from university professors, design company representatives, and up-and-coming artists, transcending the gap in age and experience. It also invited the audience to collage their works printed on flyers to be displayed not only inside the gallery but also around Seongsu-dong to widen the audience. Moreover, there was an in-depth artist talk workshop held with Daan Botlek to share his insight on living as a nomad artist.

Jane acquired the funding from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Korea to invite Daan Botlek to Korea, print artworks, feature a Dutch jazz band led by Joep van Rhijn for the opening, and conduct four collage workshops that resulted in 225% increase in participants than previous exhibitions at Punto Blu Seoul. For the success of this exhibition, Jane traveled to the Netherlands with Punto Blu team to host a networking event for the Dutch artists and visit their studios.



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