[ART] Biography


Contents of the biography are directly portrayed by its cover: mirrors.

The original book, 100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand, was in such pristine condition when I spotted it at the second-hand bookstore in downtown Providence, RI. It was evident a limited number of people showed interests to the book despite its extensive and novel collection of interviews of the protagonist Ayn Rand, a renowned Russian-born American screenwriter.

However, when the spotlight turned to the viewers with its mirrored cover, the interest of the content increased extremely. After observing their own reflections from its cover, they actively tried to figure out the story of the book while pondering the meaning of its cover.

The book is a collection of confessions by Ayn Rand’s acquaintances, telling various stories ranging from her life crisis to small talks while walking along the street. The audience failed to find out the protagonist of the book, though, since every ‘Ayn Rand’ was erased from the book. By doing so, this work makes the book a biography of every audience, not of a specific person, emphasized by the mirrored cover. 

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