[Performance] Dance in Dream

Sanggyu Lee composed 12 track LP inspired by the concept of ‘Dance’ and ‘Dream’ and joined with two other artists to provide a multi-sensory experience around the theme through music, light, and movement. A media artist Liseok, known for his projects with Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Cartier, and Seoul Art Museum, among others, and Cheshire, a movement director who made its name for choreographing international K-pop star Lisa from Blackpink, portrayed their definitions of dance and dream by organically intervening their expressions in others’ medium. The work involved the all tracks from Lee’s LP, an archive of Liseok collected from numerous regions in Korea and renderings of his imaginations in dreams, and fluidic movements of Cheshire that carried the narrative of the music and light.

It was accompanied by a sound art performance by ODKIS and audio-visual art staged by Siot and Yuseok Bak to continue the dialogue in their unique style: questioning the boundaries between life and death, artificiality and nature, and fantasy and reality.

After holding a meeting with Sangyu Lee and Liseok in 2021, Jane Lee recruited Cheshire to add an element of performance, providing a much more captivating and intuitive experience for the audience to understand the statement of the artists. Jane also managed the logistics of the event by creating promotional materials, acquiring needed equipment, and collaborating with staff for ticketing and operation. The event was open to the public of all ages and interests, and the profit was donated to people with disabilities, those who have limitations to dance and dream.

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