[Art Directing] NAVER ONSTAGE

A.TRAIN was nominated for Korean Music Awards in 2021 for the grand prize in R&B Soul Album and Singing categories for his album <As Much As You Can Bear>, for he refined and uniquely interpreted traditional composing method. A.TRAIN has also been known as a creative artist that welcomes performative elements to his stage, having a ‘green ghost’ as a character that carries his narrative in music videos and shows. To celebrate his nominations, Naver OnStage invited him to perform three iconic songs from his album, which, as Soojeong Lee described, “allure the audience to his abyss through layers of complex mixtures of emotions and textures.” It was the first-ever installation, media art, and performance incorporative stage of Naver OnStage.

As an art director, Jane comprised a group of 4 artists to visualize A Train’s artistic vision for his debut stage at Naver OnStage, one of the most revered music platforms in Korea. Sijae Jang created two installation pieces for <Hurt> and <As Much As You Can Bear> that portray the beauty that can be found in pain from the depression, Joseph Kwon performed in <As Much As You Can Bear> to enact the power of embracement through his movements, and Gyuchul Moon and Sunjeong Hwang presented a fluidic media artwork landscape for <Cork> that symbolizes undulating emotions of the song.  

Article: A review from Soojeong Lee, the director of Naver OnStage (Kor)  

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