[Exhibition] Nam June Paik Art Center

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Nam June Paik Art Center’s Wrap around the Time builds on Wrap around the World, as a special exhibition planned for the 10th anniversary since Paik’s passing. The project attempts to go a step further from consolidating physical spaces, and dissolve/connect the temporal gaps between the past, present, and future. Such space-time compressions will take place through Paik, as well as the collaboration of contemporary artists. Nam June Paik Art Center selected contemporary media artists who will produce and prove various discourses across the past and the present by researching Paik’s works, building a research center comprising humanists, scientists, and aestheticians around the world. The exhibition will present their work in relation to with Paik’s works that serve as original inspirations. Though this process, we will be reminded of the fact that Paik’s art world stands firm at the foundation of various contemporary cultural phenomena and discourses. Through Wrap around the Time, various studies will be conducted about Paik, and new discourses will be generated. Also, Paik and contemporary artists will become one across the spatial and temporal gap between the 20th and the 21st centuries. Our focus is not only on re-illuminating Paik’s art, but also focusing on and verifying the infinite expandability of Paik’s artistic world.

Dae Shik Kim, Gregor Jansen, Hyun-Suk Seo, Jaewon Yu, Jinsuk Suh, Mark B.N. Hansen, Mizuki Takahashi, Sungmin Hong, Young-june Lee, Yujoo Han, Zhang Ga


A. Typist(Taeyong Kim, Hankil Ryu, lo wie), Bubble Deck Auto Wash Charlotte Norm, Cartsten Nicloai, Daisuke Yamashiro, David Haines, Isabella Fürnkäs, Joyce Hinterding, Jungki Beak, Raphaela Vogel, Ryu Biho, Sora Kim, UJINO, Vakki, Wang Yuyang, Zhang Peili

Excerpt from official exhibition statement
More Info on the NJPAC website
Photo by Park, Hyung Ryul
Jane worked closely with the director of NJPAC as well as two main curators of the exhibition as an exhibition coordinator. She was in charge of communicating with artists and guest “curators” (researchers), drafting exhibition catalog and managing logistics for the exhibition. She led docent programs for VIP visitors who led international art institutions or government initiatives. Jane also brought sponsorships from Perrier and created PR partnership with Twitter for #Museumweek. 

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