[Project] Airbnb Insider Guidebook

Airbnb’s mission is to provide ‘real’ traveling experience where you can assimilate into local’s life rather than just having a place to stay. However, some users encountered limitations of not being able to get full access to local’s lifestyle when renting a full house or having an inactive host, compared to renting a shared room where you can interact directly with the host. Also, it was hard to get a taste of city before you actually pay a visit, which was a loss for both users who want to travel cool places and hosts who are capable of providing such environment.


In order to overcome such limitations, Airbnb initiated Insider Guidebook Project. Airbnb selected insiders from each city, Seoul as one of the first 8 cities, who are leading figures in their own field. Those influencers gave 8-10 places to check out with insider tips to fully experience those spots.


Jane helped Airbnb Seoul team select/recruit influencers and interviewed 10 influencers in total in person to get recommendations of Seoul’s modern art galleries/museums, comfort food restaurants, traditional drink taverns, Korean fashion brands, traditional markets, running routes, DJ shops/clubs, photogenic spots, indie design stores, and unique coffee shops.

Jane’s main goal of the writing was to capture the genuine message of interviewees in the writing while making it available to be easily translated into 8 other languages such as Spanish and Russian.

Currently available on Airbnb Application: Appstore & Google Play.

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