[PROJECT] Huggies Moment Camera

Diaper brands often reach out to customers by emphasizing its utilities or stories of mothers and babies. Huggies Korea gave a twist on this marketing approach by merging technology with the brand. Huggies Korea, in collaboration with digital marketing agency Innored and Kinneir Dufort, distributed wearable cameras -“Momentcam” – to 10 mothers in Korea to capture memorable moments mothers had with their children, which could be easily lost by the time they picked up cameras. Babies also received one for themselves that recorded how much love and care they received from mothers, which were taken for granted even by mothers. Accumulation of these recordings were then screened for mothers as a surprise, resulting in heartwarming results as seen from the video above. 

Huggies Moment Camera
Huggies Moment Camera

Jane’s role in this project was to hold ideation workshops with customers of the brand, marketers from the firm, and industrial designers from very early stage of this campaign. This project received Bronze from Korea Advertising Awards in 2015.


Nov 2015 Money Today (in Korean)

Dec 2014 Bloter

Nov 2014 Creative Online (AdAge)

Nov 2014 Ads of the World

Nov 2014 Best Ads on TV

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