[PROJECT] White Knight (“Baek Gisa”)

Click the image for service website
Click the image for website – Business is now closed

White Knight, called Baek Gisa in Korean, is a mobile call-taxi application service of Three Line Technologies, Inc., operating in Seoul, South Korea.

Beta version released in Jan 2015

White Knight is a mobile call-taxi platform that connects taxi drivers with passengers in a faster, easier and more cost efficient way than precedents. It may be similar to Uber, but it distinguishes its service by following points: White Knight drivers are required to attend education program conducted in collaboration with Walkerhill Hotel in order to provide premium service to customers, and passengers can ask for additional services such as extra care for the child for free of charge before requesting a ride. 

Driver workshop held in collaboration with Walkerhill Hotel
Driver workshop held in collaboration with Walkerhill Hotel

Jane’s role, as one of the starting members of 6, was to conduct focus studies for market and branding studies, plan UI/UX of the application as well as the company website (application download available from the website), oversee tax and legal administration of the company, and conduct marketing and sales activities to recruit drivers, customers, and partners.

Featured in Healing Camp on SBS, one of major TV shows in Korea


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