[PROJECT] mooovr

Click the image for website
Click image for the website – it has changed to a new layout to serve amended business purpose

Virtual Reality refers to multimedia or computer simulated environment people get immersed into with special Head Mount Displays. Mooovr was founded in 2011 as the first VR contents production company in Korea, and currently provides comprehensive service in filming, distributing, and retailing business of virtual reality. Through this service it aims to create the world’s best platform for virtual reality and 360 degree contents.

Mooovr’s core market was K-Pop entertainment industry. The first artist that produced VR album in Korea was “yoonsang“, a composer, producer, singer, and writer of more than 300 hit songs that people of all age enjoy in Korea. Albeit famous, he rarely revealed himself on the media. In order to provide an opportunity for fans to meet yoonsang more lively than ever, Mooovr filmed 360-degree videos of live concerts and music videos and published yoonsang’s newly released VR album, “The Duets”, accompanied with cardboard head mounted gears and QR code that directs to a mobile application download page along with traditional album materials, CDs.

Jane continued this process with DAVINK, assisting filming 360 degree music video of his title song, Love Again. She managed designing the album as well as applications and website for viewing purposes. (The final outcome is yet to be released) Moreover, Jane oversaw design and development process of making company website  along with its the contents, devised UI/UX of 360 video application “Extreme”, become a liaison between VR players across the world to form partnership with the company, and planned business strategies.

Click the image to download iOS application


Click the image to download iOS application


Click the image to download iOS application



Oct 2015 Korea Herald

May 2015 Maeil Kyungjae

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