[Exhibition] Reborn

Could we define the beauty of today as true beauty? Are eroded and abandoned beings not beautiful?

1S1T, consisting of Youngmin Kang, Jae-hyuk Yang, Yongseok Won, and Sunghwan Wie, explores the essence of beauty and re-establishes the value of discarded and culled beings. Initiated by the designer Jae-hyuk Yang, who introduced the first Korean high-end design brand “UMZIKIM” at MoMa and Le Bon Marche, 1S1T introduces Zero Waste Manufacturing artworks that suffice the needs of the Korean manufacturing industry. As their management is being made over to the second generation, they try to devise a creative way to take a leap through rapid technological advancement and strict eco-friendly manufacturing legislations.

For example, ARSCO, a factory that produces bus handles and rail pipes nationwide, introduced Art From Factory (AFF) 1S1T Collection and Platubo with Youngmin Kang, who transformed 50 tons of its annual pipe waste into various functional works such as chairs and stools. Youngmin Kang opens the realm of up-cycling through ZWM through his continuous variation and research on creating market values of plastic waste.  

Yongseok Won, who has been working on high-end interior design projects for renowned brands and celebrities, developed a variety of collaborative marble species with Total Marble, the agency that encompasses importing, processing, and selling marbles since 1999. At Reborn, Yongseok Won introduces a full-length mirror and objects that interpret left-over marbles of the highest quality with a sense of humor.


Jane also initiated an art collaboration with Youngmin Kang and PH5, a renowned fashion brand known for its exotic design and patent reusable sweaters.

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