[Exhibition] The Way We Remember Time

With prevalent use of AI and other high-end technologies in our daily lives, the subtle and delicate interpretation of human emotions have been simplified as data. As a result, we have grown indifferent to the notions on ‘sensibility’ and ‘time.’ <The Way We Remember Time> thus presents the works of Sunmin Park, Jihee Kim, and Seungean Cha that show their unique sentiments on time, place, and people, hoping the audience to freely gaze on the dynamism and delicacy of the moving body and time.

*Full-length artwork descriptions are available on Artsy.

Punto Blu expanded its realm by collaborating with curators from other institutes, for they are also the creatives who need more support in expressing their curatorial vision without having to compromise with that of the firm. Jane thus invited Hyunjeong Kim and provided curatorial, logistical, promotional, and financial support to host <The Way We Remember Time>. This increased Punto Blu’s reach to more experienced artists and curators, for all participants have shown their works at renowned institutions around the globe.

Article: PUBLIC ART: <The Way We Remember Time> exhibition (Kor)

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