[Exhibition] WHAT IF

Can AI be creative? Is creativity only the domain of humans? The exhibition challenged the possibilities of ‘Creative AI’ through selected works by 5 teams of artists and researchers.“Virtual Hogwarts” explored the impact artificial intelligence in animation and film industries through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), “Pastry Chords!” presented alternatives of music composition method by using algorithms, and “When Emotions Become Form”expressed the emotional learning process of AI via media art installations. Moreover, “UGly-Nets” allowed the audience to easily produce visual outputs via U-Net, the AI neural network, and “The Interfering” questioned the boundaries of creativity by having AI physically intervene in human creative activities. Two of these works were published in NerulPS, a global artificial intelligence forum.

Jane was commissioned by MODULABS to direct an exhibition of the artworks from their Deep Learning College 3rd Chapter. After conducting in-depth researches about their works, she collaborated with a technical team for installation, videographers and graphic designers for promotional materials(Introduction video of <WHAT IF> and exhibition brochure), and press that invited total 1,212 visitors over the course of 2 weeks. Jane also led the opening(pictures) and two artist talks with participating artists detailing the philosophy and mechanism of each work.

Exhibition Brochure

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