[Workshop] Latent Commons

As we shape our environments in the current, they shape us and our cultures in the future. Latent Commons explores the synergies between the natural and urban landscapes of South Korea and The Netherlands through a media performance that exposes cultural
commonalities, otherwise hidden to the human senses. This immersive experience surrounds the visitor in an artificial blend of the land- and cityscapes that have defined both our cultures.

The installation is produced using an innovative process using computer vision, AI, and projection mapping. First, an artificial neural net (ANN) is trained to identify and extract the features of the living environments characteristic of both countries. Then, it creates cultural crossovers and reproduces a sequence of speculative landscapes that explores our Latent Commons.

This private workshop has been led by Lars van Vianen from Scape Agency, a spatial innovation collective that dreams, discovers, and designs the everyday of tomorrow. They blend design thinking with emerging technologies to create a brighter perspective for people and the planet. Their products and services naturalize technology in livable and sustainable – scapes that spark the imagination and inspire future generations.

This event was possible with the support of Dutch Culture Korea and ARKO and was expanded to a workshop by Marieke Muller, a project manager of Kossmanndejong, sharing her experience of museum curations and cultural project management.

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